In the modern day landscape, your audience’s first impression of your companyis based almost entirely on your business website. When you first get your site designed and it goes live on the Internet, you heave a sigh of relief because you finally have an online presence.

But what many business owners tend to ignore is that a website, like any other online strategy is never a set-and-forget activity. The website needs regular upgrades, changes, tweaks and redesigns every few years. This doesn’t necessarily involve making major changes. In fact, a redesign may include things like improving the speed and making certain functional modifications. Please view our portfolio page and pricing page.

The Benefits

It’s essential to recognize that redesigning your website involves time, skill and some expense, but there are several benefits to it.

  1. Better Conversion Rates- If you aren’t getting the results you expected when you first launched your site, it’s important that you consider getting it redesigned. The primary objective of having a website is to build your customer base. If you have traffic but not as many conversions, redesigning some aspects of the site can help. Improve the layout of your landing pages and tweak the CTA to encourage visitors to call and inquire about your products and services.
  1. Match Your Current Marketing Strategy- It isn’t uncommon for companies to change their marketing strategies. When you do this with all your other digital marketing strategies, it’s equally important that this change should reflect on your website as well. When you update your website, it will help ensure that the layout and design are more in line with your goals.
  1. Improve Content Quality- A redesign is also the best way to improve content quality. Check the formatting and layout of the text on your web pages and make sure it’s easily readable, without too many different fonts and colours. Add a blog if you don’t already have one as that can help increase traffic to your site.
  1. Responsive Website- If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you are likely losing out to the competition. In 2018, almost 53% of all website traffic came from mobile devices which is a clear indication that you need a mobile-responsive website. This will help you expand your reach in the market phenomenally.

In addition to all these things, redesigning your website will also help improve navigation which in turn will improve user experience. All of these changes will encourage visitors to stay on your website much longer which helps improve conversions and profitability over the long term.